The CAREX Emissions Mapping Project was developed by the Spatial Sciences Research Lab at the University of Victoria. It is one of several related projects aimed at increasing our understanding of where, how, and by how much Canadians are exposed to known and suspected carcinogens at home, in the outdoors, and at work.

Visit the CAREX Canada website to view our estimates of environmental exposures in Canada, and for more information on the characteristics and sources of known and suspected carcinogens.

Environmental Team
Eleanor Setton, PhD – Co-Director, Spatial Sciences Research Lab
Perry Hystad, PhD
Karla Poplawski, MSc
Anders Erickson, PhD Candidate
Steeve Deschenes, MSc
Roz Cheasley, BSc
Basil Veerman, BSc
Cloe Whittaker, BA
Contact Us
Spatial Science Research Lab
University of Victoria
PO Box 3060 STN CSC
Victoria, BC, V8W 3R4

CAREX Canada is funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.
The Emissions Mapping Project is also funded in part by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Knowledge Synthesis grant.